A portmanteau of the words,
Kiri, Japanese -"to cut"
Luma, Esperanto -"light"
"to cut the light."


Illuminated Kirigami Lamp

Paper cut diorama of a castle in the sky, encased within a backlit semi transparent frame box, suitable for wall hanging or as a night lamp.

Made in numbered, limited edition, for Kickstarter campaign on August 2017.
Kickstarter Campaign        

Light illuminates, while shadows define.

~ to embrace the harmony between light and shadows.
Frame Box
3W, 85-240V
250 lumen
2700 K
W = 200 mm
H = 200 mm
L = 125 mm
Weight : 900 g



Paper in a new dimension

The Japanese art of papper cutting & folding from a single sheet of high-grade paper, forming a three dimensional paper sculpture of a floating castle in the sky, inviting the viewers to a world of imagination and wonders.
Starting off with an original illustration of a castle in the sky, inspired by the magical wonders of old fairy tales.
Iterations to find the perfect balance between amount of details and strength of the paper material.
Once the design is finalized, the cutting is done in precision using a laser cutting machine.
Each of the kirigami is carefully finished and folded by hands.


Frame Box

A play of lights & shadows

The frame box is delicately designed and cut from a single sheet of semi transparent plexiglass, resulting in a dynamic structure that forms interconnecting the solid materials and void spaces, of lights and shadows.
Early explorations of the frame box design to find suitable style for the kirigami as the centrepiece.
Extending the kirigami's flowing design into the frame box design to make it as a unity.
Final assembly and finishings of the frame box are mostly done by hands.



Illuminating warmth

High output - low energy warm white LED lights, fully integrated within the back of the frame box, radiating a gentle and peaceful ambiance wherever it's situated.
Initial prototype to simulate the concept of the lights coming from inside the castle.
Lights direction & intensity testing, to achieve the desired dramatic effects.
Assembly of the lights components, designed to integrate seamlessly into the back of the frame box.

The first edition of KIRUMA lamp is a limited production dedicated for the Kickstarter project's backers. Great care and attention to details has been applied to the manufacturing process, which remains traditional with the finishing and folding of around 400 kirigami as well as assembly and packaging of the frame and lighting pieces, making the KIRUMA being mostly a handmade product.

We're currently exploring new designs, finding new materials and manufacturing processes to make it more automated so we can deliver more in shorter time. But until then, you can still purchase the first edition using the form below, while stocks last.

We will respond in 1-3 business days with further information in order for you to proceed with the next steps.

2017 © Simon Strauss
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